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Meet The Author

Jo Watson


Jo Watson

Jo Watson is the award-winning author of over ten books. She writes contemporary romances for both adults and teens, including The Destination Love series and her YA debut Big Boned, a Publisher's Marketplace Buzz Book.


A graduate of the arts and media school AFDA, Jo earned an honors degree in Live Performance and worked as a script writer, director, producer and copywriter before deciding to publish her stories on Wattpad, which catapulted her now full-time career as an author.


To date, her stories have accumulated more than 60 million reads on the platform with over 119, 000 followers. She has become an international bestselling sensation, having sold over six hundred thousand books in the UK alone. Her book Love To Hate You became an overnight bestseller reaching #9 on the Amazon UK charts. Her stories have been

translated into seven different languages.


She lives in South Africa with her husband and son.

Her latest book "What Happens On Vacation" was published in South Africa earlier this year and has received widespread acclaim. 

Releases in the UK and USA are planned shortly. Sign up to Jo's newsletter to be the first to know. 

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What Happens On Vacation

Latest Release

Two rivals.

One holiday.

A trip they will never forget.

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