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Truly, Madly, Like Me

(Book Two | Starting Over Series)

She's used to faking it.

Now it's time to get real.

Truly, Madly, Like Me by Jo Watson

She's used to faking it. Now it's time to get real.

It all started with a faulty elevator...

When social media influencer Frankie Paulson's followers turn on her after an embarrassing public break-up with her perfect #couplegoals boyfriend, and she almost plummets to her death with two strangers in a faulty elevator, all she wants to do is hide.

A town with no internet is the ideal sanctuary, but Frankie has never done anything without sharing it on one of many apps she can't live without. After all, surely it's much more satisfying to take the perfect photograph of her breakfast than eat it?


When Fate, in the form of a new four-legged companion, plays a hand in keeping her in the town, Frankie starts to make tentative but genuine connections with the people she meets. Suddenly every rule she's been living by seems far less meaningful and she begins to wonder if her apparently #blessed life wasn't as real as she thought...

Truly, Madly, Like Me is the second book in the Starting Over series.

Sitting here open mouthed in disbelief at just how wonderful this book is!

- Rachel's Random Reads

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