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What Happens On Vacation

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Two rivals.

One holiday.

A trip they will never forget.

What Happens On Vacation by Jo Watson

Journalist Margaret needs a vacation.

After a difficult couple of years, some R&R is on the cards, and she's taking her mom with her. Luckily, the office Quiz Night is coming up and the prize is an all-expenses paid trip to Zanzibar. Good thing Margaret has never met a quiz question

she didn't like.

But Margaret has also never played against Jagger Villain. For the last six months, they have shared a desk and not a day has gone by when he hasn't

driven her to distraction.

The idea of sharing anything else with Jagger is unthinkable. But if she's going get what she needs from this trip, Margaret might have to compromise.

Away from the office and in a tropical paradise, Margaret beings to wonder if her archnemesis maybe has some qualities.

Jo Watson's writing puts you in a better mood. Brilliant!

- Goodreads Reviewer

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