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The Great

(Book Five | Destination Love Series)

Two broken hearts. 

Ten ways to get over an ex.

Let the adventure begin.

The Great Ex-Scape by Jo Watson

On the scale of one to worst idea ever, agreeing to give the toast at her best friend's engagement party when she's been in love with him for three years was not Val's finest decision. Nor was accidentally confessing her love to him in front of all their guests, including his fiancee.

Boarding a plane that will take her literally anywhere to get away from the humiliation, Val is pleasantly surprised to find herself on the dazzlingly beautiful island of Reunion where she hopes she can heal her wounded pride, broken heart and bruised knees.

When a painful face mask experiment leads her to a fellow broken-hearted traveller, Alex, they decide to give each other a helping hand and follow a foolproof ten-step plan to get over their respective exes. And so begins their crazy adventure. What could possibly go wrong?

The Great Ex-Scape is the fifth book in The Destination Love series.

If you want a book that is TRULY "laugh out loud" start here!

- Goodreads Reviewer

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